To celebrate the 20th anniversary of my original website from 1997 I have re-published it for all to see. Enjoy!

Andre's Home Page

Come on in!

This is my first attempt at something written in some kind of computer code. I've been a computer owner since the days of the ZX Spectrum and I have found myself to be perfectly capable of avoiding anything that didn't load a game, or on the Web, wasn't a newspaper or Garfield... So, take your shoes off, make yourself comfy, and join me in my little bit of hypertext heaven!

The aim of this page will ( eventually ! ) be to give anybody that cares an insight into my likes and dislikes, current raves, faves, and ... avoids at all costs in the worlds of film, music and books ( watch out, the lost world is edging into the disappointments section already, and we haven't even started properly as yet... )

Excuse me now, as I head off into the vast dark electronic underbelly of modern society that is the Web, so that I can have a bit of a gander at other people's efforts to see if there's anything that I can pinch and use to my general advantage.

As you would expect from something so new, this page ( pages, in fact, as I plan to have different pages for different areas of interest - see the links below.. ) is only now beginning to mould itself into shape, and spread its highly technological wings ; as such, this page, and the rest to follow, is in the meantime incomplete. Please excuse the mess!

So, it's now time to take the next step. Choose one of the following; read, savour, enjoy. At some point in the future there will be some kind of Contructive Criticism area where people can agree, disagree and generally put forward their point of view, with a view to help others - who may drop in from time to time - get a balanced and comprehensive opinion. No doubt it could all end up in tears, with bickering and threats of violence, and that's just from my end :)

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